Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox

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Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 01.12.21

During this hour, Dr. Reznik explores the subject of the night dreams; where the dreams come from, the 

purpose of dreaming and the types of the night dreams. He begins the in-depth discussion of one of the five main 

lessons that the night dreams offer us. You can also read about the night dreams by visiting 

Dr. Reznik’s website: drpeterreznik.com

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - Guest Wim Hof - 01.08.21

During this hour, you will hear Dr. Reznik’s interview with Wim Hof, a Dutch extreme athlete who claims 26 Guinness World Records for extreme sports challenges, including running a full marathon above the Arctic circle wearing only a pair of shorts.They discussed the studies, which have been done by two universities on the Wim Hof Method, and the health benefits that millions of practitioners of the method have demonstrated. For more information on the Wim Hof’s life and the Method, read in his latest book, The Wim Hof Method: Activate Your Full Human Potential and visit website:  https://www.wimhofmethod.com  

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 12.29.20

During the first part of the hour, Dr. Reznik speaks about the greatest opposing force within 

all of us- our inner Debater, and teaches how to subdue it. The second part of the show is dedicated 

to Part 3 of the Healing Power of Imagination subject.

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 12.22.20

During this hour, Dr. Reznik teaches the fundamental principles of utilizing mental imagery

and the rules for creating your own imagery exercises. And takes the audience through imagery 

exercises for emotional and physical healing.

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 12.15.20

During this hour Dr. Reznik introduced one of the major therapeutic tools from his Toolbox- Mental Imagery. He demonstrated how mental imagery can be utilized for: inner exploration, identifying and if needed changing one’s belief system, correcting painful memories, and removing emotional and physical symptoms. Dr. Reznik also offered his audience to participate in imagery exercises that deal with anger, anxiety and pain.


Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 12.08.20

During this hour, Dr. Reznik introduces two more tools that he utilizes in his clinical practice: face reading and hypnosis. He then teaches a mental exercise of creating a protective shield around the body, to stay healthy and safe. The main subject of the show is the Mind-Body Integrative Therapy. Dr. Reznik addresses the topic from both medical and spiritual perspectives.

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 12.01.20

In the first part of the first hour, Dr. Reznik introduces the work that he does, and the major tools that he utilized in his therapeutic practice. The second part of the show addresses an urgent issue of our time- life in the world of uncertainty.

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