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Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 06.21.22

This hour, Dr. Reznik continues his talk on the subject of approval seeking and begins to share concrete 

practical tools to overcoming this challenge.

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 06.14.22

This hour, Dr. Reznik takes calls from two listeners. They each share very interesting ideas about healing and well-being, turning into fruitful discussions with lots of insightful takeaways. Dr. Reznik also began his discussion on a new subject: approval-seeking behaviors. 
For more on Dr. Reznik, visit DrPeterReznik.com

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 06.07.22

This hour, Dr. Reznik spoke to a CALLER who presented two acute problems: problem with you and her teeth and the problem with her feet. He guided her through a process of understanding the meaning of the challenges she was dealing with, and also gave her mental exercises to help alleviate the pain. Dr. Reznik also received a call from someone he conducted a waking dream during last month's show. The caller discussed eye-opening realizations they came to during the waking dream, and was happy to report a positive life shift since it took place.
To end the show, Dr. Reznik shared an essay with his audience called “Why Do We Not Need Self- Esteem!”
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Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 05.31.22

This hour, Dr. Reznik streams his show from London, where he’s currently visiting his daughter. He speaks about his encounters meeting refugees from Ukraine, and also gives a talk on self-centeredness.

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 05.24.22

This hour, Dr. Reznik responds to a listener's question about taking on new relationships, experiences, and interests as they pass through different stages of life. He covers a variety of important issues and situations people encounter as they get older, but can use to their advantage if   handled correctly. He offers a step-by-step guidance on how one can bring a life partner in his/her life.

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 05.17.22

During the first part of the shaw, Dr. Reznik shares his experience meeting a founder of The Redlight Children Campaign, a non-profit organization working to end world-wide sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Dr. Reznik also works with the caller suffering from scoliosis. He guides her through a mental imagery exercise for alleviating the symptoms, and gives her an assignment designed to address the underlying cause of the problem. 

The second part of the show is dedicated to addressing the issue of greed in all its forms.


For more from Dr. Reznik, visit https://www.drpeterreznik.com

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 05.10.22

Last week, Dr. Reznik asked listeners to draw seven objects on a sheet of paper. Today, he interpreted the mental and emotional characteristics, as well as the challenges and the victories of four people who sent the drawings. Dr. Reznik also received a call from a listener who thanked him for helping get rid of his nightmares, live on air, during a show last year.

For more on Dr. Reznik, visit https://www.drpeterreznik.com

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 05.04.22

During the first part of the show, Dr. Reznik speaks about how some people use blame and denial as a defense mechanism, as an attempt to avoid personal responsibility. He then works with a caller's night dream, resulting in her recognizing the need to have a waking dream (which may be done during next week's show). 
You can read about Waking Dream Therapy on Dr. Reznik's website.
Find more from Dr. Reznik here: https://www.drpeterreznik.com

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 04.26.22

This hour, Dr. Reznik continues working with a caller from last week who has Glaucoma, and gives him mental exercises for reducing pressure on the ocular nerve. Dr. Reznik also speaks to a caller struggling to navigate her relationship with her sister, as well as a caller dealing with Scoliosis.

For more on Dr. Reznik, visit https://www.drpeterreznik.com/

Dr. Peter Reznik’s Toolbox - 04.19.22

During this hour, Dr. Reznik recaps an interaction he had with one of last week's callers, and explains one of his practices known as Waking Dream Therapy. He also shares his thoughts on the current Russia-Ukraine conflict from the perspective of someone born in Odessa (Ukraine). Dr. Reznik then takes a phone call and begins to work on the caller's problem, glaucoma. He gives the caller an assignment for the upcoming week and expresses his commitment to continue working with the caller's problem during the upcoming shows.
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